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About Us

Don’t Look Brand. The Art of a Woman.

The Ukrainian brand of exclusive lingerie and swimwear Don’t Look was founded in 2017 by designers Anastasia Sergacheva and Maria Polyakova.

The basis of the company's work and the development of new designs is the BCC Rule “Beauty-Creativity-Comfort”.

A distinctive feature of Don’t Look products is a unique design, perfect fit, harmonious and at the same time bold combination of colors and quality of materials.

From designers: “As true connoisseurs of the beauty of the female body, we have turned our brand into an art - the art of a Woman. Currently, in the context of global emancipation, we feel responsible for the possibility to be and always remain the Woman. We are taking into account the needs for modern Woman in beauty and aesthetics and also in comfort. And, the most important thing is individuality! We create each collection, by presenting our customers a sketch, then they  help us in creating their own masterpiece themselves.


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